Sergio Assad

"Duo partnerships are very common in the music world where  you can see

a vast predominance of the piano in connection with instruments such as the violin,

the flute, the cello, the clarinet and others. I always thought that the guitar, due to its

harmonic nature, had a good chance in building a chamber repertoire if it established

good connections with these other instruments as well. 

For that to happen all what was needed was to have good professional players teaming up

with the specific goal of creating a repertoire for themselves.

The Duo Villa Lobos formed by Cecilia Palma and Edwin Guevara teamed up on 2003 as 

a cello & guitar duo partnership and have gained worldwide recognition. The presence of 

such a duo in the music scene is by itself a great contribution to the world of chamber music

once they inspire the motivation of composers to create new works for their specific combination.

The cello & guitar combo is not a new thing but the duos that were formed in the past were

occasional. The Duo Villa Lobos is a steady partnership, existing now, with the high quality

that is necessary to set motion to its own history. They are active performers, they are new

music promoters and they are starting a recording catalogue.  

With their endurance the Duo Villa Lobos is already a reference to other Duos of the same 

nature around the globe."

Sir Graham Wade

"The Duo Villa-Lobos are a brilliant and inventive ensemble combining technical perfection with profound musical insight. Their natural territory is contemporary music to which they bring an inspired freshness of interpretative insight as well as a remarkably integrated quality of sound between cello and guitar. Their spiritual intimacy is extraordinary and very moving, the bowed strings fusing with plucked strings in a musical exploration of great sensitivity. The range of tonal colour they achieve is aesthetically very satisfying. They offer a unique experience both virtuosic and artistic"   GRAHAM WADE 

Jaime Minterbaum Zenamon

I met and began to be very interested in a duo and couple Colombo - Venezuelan of Violoncello and Guitar called Dúo Villa Lobos, especially for recordings and concerts interpreted in a great way, among them was a piece of mine. I was impressed by the music and technique of this duo, and little by little I had the opportunity to communicate with them more and more. Now I am convinced of this wonderful duo for quality, seriousness, musicality, inspiration and interpretive beauty. I advise to listen to them and travel emotionally for the musical world that they genially and humbly transmit in each note of their concerts and recordings.

Benet Casablancas

I recognize in my dear friends Cecilia and Edwin, members of the Dúo Villa-Lobos , two authentic artists with a great personality who are committed to their profession and who share with the most diverse audiences the enthusiasm and generosity of the ripe fruits of their splendid work. I have had the privilege of attending over the years to the development of his splendid concert career, which shows his admirable musical quality and great charisma as interpreters, as well as an irresistible capacity for communication, always with humility and dedication to the Service of each work. For all this I wish you all the success of the world in your future projects and artistic challenges.

Guillem Perez-Quer

To listen to Villa-Lobos Duo is to enter a torrent of overwhelming energy and creativity. They know how to communicate with the public. They know how to create that special atmosphere reserved only for great interpreters. Behind each of his successes, we discover a demanding, serious and imaginative work. Everything is planned and at the same time everything is to be done in the unrepeatable and magical moment of the staging. I had the privilege of seeing this duo born in my chamber music classes at the Liceu de Barcelona. I have the great happiness of having your friendship. And in the present I look in wonder at his impressive career. Cecilia and Edwin, the Duo Villa-Lobos, are making a gap between the great. Seduce.