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The duet of Cello and guitar emerges through the history of chamber music thanks to the restlessness of most contemporary composers and performers, in interrelating two instruments with similar tessellations but each with different techniques. The Cello with the different strokes of the bow and the guitar with the joints of the pulsed strings that added produce a number of interesting combinations little explored until approximately 20 years ago, due to the imbalance that produces the little sonorous projection of the front guitar To the power of the cello. That is why normally the guitar makes chamber music in conformations to duo, trio or guitar quartets, or with instruments that have different tessitura and / or do not affect their sound projection. This is the case of the duos with Flute, Violin and Voice, which have an extensive and interesting repertoire. Undoubtedly the evolution of the guitarist guitarist has directly influenced the improvement in quality and projection of the guitar, a fact that encourages composers to explore and increase day by day the repertoire for cello and guitar. It can be said that the repertoire, although not very extensive, is very interesting in languages ​​by including in the dialogues not only minimalist elements, serials or twelve-tone, but also elements typical of European or Latin American nationalist music. It is important to mention that the number of adaptations and arrangements for this conformation is increasing in parallel to the original works. Some of the outstanding composers are: Dusan Bogdanovic, Carlo Domeniconi, Atanas Ourkouzounov, Jaime Zénamon, Sergio Assad, Carlos Guinovart, Jan Freidlin, Arnaldo Freire, José Antonio Guerrero, Gerard Drozd, Edwin Guevara Gutiérrez, Gregg Nestor, Francesc Taverna-Bech , among others. In his quest for original works, the Duo Villalobos since its creation has succeeded in having several composers dedicate works to them, among them, Carles Guinovart, Jaime Zenamon, Francesc Taverna - Bech, Arnaldo Freire, Pere Soto, Gloria Villanueva, Jan Freidlin, And for that reason they are cataloged as a fundamental reference for the different duos of Violoncello and Guitar in the diverse countries of the world.